Digital Projects

The Purdue OWL

Since 2012 I’ve produced video content for the Purdue Online Writing Lab, one of the most popular online writing resources in the world. I create pedagogical videos watched by students and teachers around the world, as well as promotional videos directed toward our specific department.

In 2015 I took on the position of Video Content Mentor, a position I use to guide new video content developers through the process of planning, filming, and publishing pedagogical video content.


Though I usually make videos for students, teachers, and fellow researchers, I always try to produce videos that could potentially engage a wider public audience. Using color, sound, images, and motion, I design multimedia products that implicitly (and sometimes explicitly) argue for the value of rhetoric, composition, and the humanities at large.


Visual rhetoric can be a hard concept to discuss with students, and I developed this video to help teachers and students discuss the rhetoricity of visuals in terms of both analysis and design. I also tried to connect the basics of visual rhetoric to common issues with formatting and design that a student might have already encountered in academic writing.


On top of making pedagogical videos for students and informative videos for the public, I play with different programs as a method of thinking about the design of motion. In this video I toyed with the conventions of flat design and skeumorphism to explore the relationship between novelty and pathos. I also tried (and failed) to make an animated cat.